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Green Light Debt Relief and our team of both certified and experienced professionals, are excited you are here. Green Light Debt Relief is committed to each person seeking a debt free life. What we aim to provide for each individual seeking debt relief is a dedicated account specialist, certified and experienced, to navigate the debt relief journey with you. From start to finish, your dedicated account specialist is there with you.  



40 Years of Experience

Green Light Debt Relief began helping people financially on April 7, 1979, and has since continued to pave the way for the last 40+ years. Born 4 decades ago, from first hand experience, Green Light Debt Relief continues to adapt and revolutionize the way out of debt. We provide every person we assist with a custom debt relief option, always customized to their situation. Our unique approach paves the way to the highest industry success for debt relief.

From our start, Green Light Debt Relief, and each member of our team, has always put people first. Creating, caring, and providing each person a unique solution. Putting people first, and remembering to care for each individual, is what sets us apart from other organizations.  

The Green Light Debt Relief Team

Green Light Debt Relief

Green Light Debt Relief retains only the best and most qualified staff. With staff that are certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Negotiation (IAPDN), and staff that have real hands on experience with the debt relief process first hand. With certified staff and hands on experience, we know we are providing only the highest level of expertise available to each client we serve. Our success would not be possible without each and every individual, on each team, working and collaborating together to help you succeed. Through our success teams, we can help you successfully accomplish all your debt relief goals. 

Green Light Debt Relief Shared Experiences

Jamie, Mechanic and Client, March 2008-2010

I had nearly 50 thousand in debt and my credit score was 580, once I was out of debt, I was in a much better position. I ended the program after 24 months with a credit score of 789 and zero debt. Thanks, Green Light Debt Relief

Joy and Sam S., Client, 2010 to 2011

Green Light Debt Relief Reviews

Green Light Debt Relief changed the way we look at our financial situation. Not only did they provide us a custom solution, but they made us feel like extended family. We were able to successfully eliminate over 129,000+ in credit card debt. In only 12 months, we eliminated our debt and got back to what makes us happy. Thank you all. 

Rodger H. Client, 2012 to 2013

After struggling with my health for a long time, I had to put countless medical expences on my credit cards. Eventually I accumulated nearly 230 thousand in credit card debt. I was referred over to Green Light Debt Relief by a friend and could not have been happier with the recommendation. They elimiated my debt and I felt true relief knowing my debt was not being left to my kids after I am gone. 

Wanda, Client, 2014 to 2015

Green Light Debt Relief Reviews 

Thank you for truly helping me get back on my feet. Your company is an invaluable resource for eliminating debt. 

Anthony C., Client, 2015 to 2016

Reviews Green Light Debt Relief 

I wont get into the details but I can tell you this, the age of this company and wisdom they provide gears up everyone they help. Thanks for the help. 

Cedrick and Jodi B., Client, 2017 to 2018

Reviews Green Light Debt Relief 

After our last son graduated college, we found ourselves in some deep financial trouble. My husband was forced into early retirement and I was about to retire myself. With our income being cut in half, we found ourselves living on drastically less than previously. Unfortunatly we substituted a large about on credit cards to stay afloat. We finally had to take action. With almost 250K in unsecured debt, we chose Green Light Debt Relief. We are now out of debt and have a much better budget for our financial situation, thank you Green Light Debt Relief for helping us get here. 

Green Light Debt Relief